Whisper Mouse Needs a House

By Andy Bozeman and Debbie Harris

© 3-20-2020


Sleepy eyes opened slowly to see lace curtains glowing in golden first light: sunbeams shining through the bedroom window. As the beams pushed across the room, everything was awash with amber radiance. “Oh my, how beautiful,” Whisper Mouse said as she began her first stretch, under the covers. “First light, first stretch…” She stretched and combined it with a slow yawn. “The first morning in my new house.” Stretch… yawn… big smile.

Her bed was a lace-edged handkerchief folded in half, then half again to make a little mattress the perfect size for a little mouse. Another handkerchief lay on top for cover. Tossed, flat, over the bed it could be just right as a thin sheet when only a little cover was needed. Folding it in half made it a blanket for cooler nights. Folded in half, yet again, it became a toasty-warm quilt for nights when the Sun’s heat left the sky. Twice folded and tucked in at the edges made it a snuggly-warm comforter, perfect to sleep well on freezing nights when howling winds blew icy rain, or when snow blanketed the meadow.

Whisper’s first night at home was also the first night of Autumn, so it was a little chilly. A long stretch with arms extended to full length made her little hands reach out from under the cover’s warmth. Cold air gripped tiny fingers. “Oh my,” she gasped sleepily, quickly pulling her hands back under the cover. “I’m not sure I want to get out of my warm bed.” But she didn’t mean it.

Peeking out from underneath her ‘quilt’ and gazing around, her excitement began to build. “This is my bed,” she smiled a little. “This is my room,” she grinned. “This is my house,” she giggled. Suddenly, she threw off the quilt and stood up, right in the middle of the bed, waved her arms and danced on the mattress, and laughed as she shouted, “I’m HOME!!!”


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