Question : If you don’t know how to build a house, how do you know if anyone else does? This site specializes in DWELLING INDUSTRY INFORMATION for home planning, building, remodeling, flipping, and selling.

The ebook “If I’d Known That Was Going To Happen When I Built My House, I Might’ve Gone Camping Instead“, by Andy Bozeman, is a perfect place to start.

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e-book $4.99

Every year thousands of families and builders keep making the same home building mistakes over and over. Now, you can profit from their experience with this important handbook on how not to make common building mistakes.

It’s humorous and educational. You’ll laugh all the way through it, but once you’ve read it you’ll be more prepared to face the challenge of building or remodeling a home. It’s easy to understand. Every topic in the book is written in plain language. Even the technical subjects are delivered for down-to-earth understanding.

Buy the ebook for $4.99, HERE.

You don’t have to have a Kindle to read an ebook. Get the free Kindle Reader App, HERE, and choose your device.
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