10046 – A Great Starter Home

10046 – A Great Starter Home

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Home is a place to share with family. Sometimes a home away from home is right next door. In this case a loving mother has built a first-home for her young-adult son. She, the mother, designated a small portion of her farm to be the place where her son can found his future. Though he’ll never be able to sell the house, at least he can begin without a mortgage, thanks to his mother.

This compact design is nothing more than a box with a roof. But, inside it lives like a resort apartment. Large spaces overlap to offer long lines of sight which create a sense of volume; and that volume feels like a big house in a small package.


    • 1071 square feet of heated living area
    • A small Entry Porch helps visitors stay out of the rain while awaiting the invitation to come inside
    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 2 Baths
    • Dining Area
    • Living Room
    • Laundry Closet
    • Open and Airy

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Plans for #10046 include :

Floor Plan
Construction Dimensions
Electrical Plan
Opening Annotations
Appliance Locations
Plumbing Fixture Locations
Construction Notes
Exterior Elevations : front, rear, left, right, roof
Foundation Plan for stable bearing soil.
Floor Joist Layout (when applicable)
Duct Route Diagram ( when applicable)
Wall Framing Details
Cabinet Drawings

Plan #10046 may be purchased as a package of 8 full sets on paper for $1100.00

(plus any changes you might request).

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