Silo Converted to Party House

A lot of old, no-longer used silos stand alone and forgotten across the farms and fields of this great country. Once, they offered the potential benefit to store one harvest after another, to harbor in safety the yield of abundant crops. Now, tho old and slightly corroded, they offer one more benefit – A PLACE TO PARTY!

Just recently, in a twist of coincidence, I received five calls in one week, all about what to do with an old silo. Every caller had the same goal – to turn their silo into a party hut. Every caller had the same type – galvanized metal cylinders about fifteen feet tall and fifteen feet in diameter. And, every caller had a big field to set up the cylinder. Some wanted a simple patio or deck to be beside the hut. Others wanted to go ‘whole hog’ and include an outdoor kitchen and fireplace.

So, I decided to show what I would do if I had a silo. A hut, a porch, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace, and a swimming pool, all together in the middle of the silo’s old pasture. Inside the hut is a snack center with pass-through windows for serving, concession-stand style, whatever snacks and beverages are desired. It is useful for personal dates for just two, as well as catered events for many guests. That’s a worthy retirement for an obsolete hunk of metal, don’t you think?

Below, use the slider to see Before & After images.

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