Fresh Front 1

In by Andy Bozeman

Just a few tweaks, mostly cosmetic, along with some simple carpentry, transformed this 1950’s brick ranch-style house into a timeless Greek Revival home.

ev7 BEFORE-b

BEFORE – 1950’s all brick, low ranch style

Built along the order of the day in the ’50’s, this was considered ‘leading edge’, not plain at all. This sort of all brick, low-ranch adaptation was quite a leap forward from its all-siding, shotgun & dog-trot predecessors popular only ten years before.



AFTER – pseudo-Greek Revival with little resemblance to its past.

The central shutters were removed, pilasters added, new material overlaid on the center-area brick, and a decorated gable was built.




A close-up better shows off the concept’s details.

ev7 close to front door-b

Here’s a short video demonstration.

Altering the style of an existing structure is easier than it seems.

Thank you

Andy Bozeman

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