42101 The Preacher’s House

In by Andy Bozeman

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In these time of over-building, under-saving, and reckless spending – to the point of obscenity – it’s a real pleasure to meet someone like Dempsey. His primary concern was to make his new home affordable. Here’s how we did it :

  • Home Size – At barely over 1600 square feet, even with the current high cost of construction, the expense to build is manageable.
  • Ceiling Height – Standard 8′ ceilings throughout. A stepped, or tray ceiling would add about $500 per room, But Dempsey elected to keep his cost as low as possible.
  • Garage Size – His need is for a workshop instead of indoor vehicle parking, so a single Garage is more than sufficient.
  • Flooring – sheet vinyl throughout the house – low cost, low effort care-time, and cost.
  • Kitchen Countertops – ‘plastic laminate’ is the generic term, but you’ll recognize brand names like Formica®, and Wilsonart.® Plastic Laminate counters cost only a fraction of granite (real and fake), and the effort and cost of care is almost non-existent. Worried about being ‘green’? Plastic laminate countertop material has a carbon footprint approximate eleven thousand (yes 11,000) times less than granite.
  • Kitchen Appliances – mid-range and few – no gadgets – just a stove and a microwave-hood.
  • Plumbing Fixtures – simple, standard grade, nothing fancy, yet they all still look very nice.
  • Roof Slope – a moderate 6:12, straight-gable roof is far less costly, than steep, multi-faceted structures.
  • Roof Eave & Soffit – vinyl, which has an initial cost not too different from painted wood, but it has a long-term maintenance cost very close to zero.
  • Roof Shingles – flat-tab instead of the more expensive architectural, shake-look type.
  • Driveway – A short concrete drive/parking pad – only 10’x30′ – connected to a crushed stone drive path leading to the street.
  • Windows – Dempsey chose a simple, all-vinyl, insulated window.

The unassuming nature, and good sense of all these choices resulted in a savings of many thousands of dollars – to build for under $190,000, even on a three acre lot. Compare that to the more trendy version of the same thing costing over $320,000: and then add the cost of land.

Because Dempsey has the wisdom to build according to need instead of pride, his monthly expenses, as well as long-term home maintenance costs, are so low that he will be able to relax and enjoy his home and family; and have money to spend on the niceties of life, like an occasional trip or gifts for his wife and children from a doting husband and father. Well done, Dempsey!!

To see Dempsey’s plan, click HERE.

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