Maker McKee – 12’x12′ Shop/Storage House

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Stuff – we all have a lot of it. The problem is to find a place to keep it. Sometimes the solution is right in our own back yard. This combination shop and storage house is compact enough to fit in most yard-corners, but large enough to hold tools, toys (assuming a four-wheeler is a toy), lawn equipment, bikes, and all manner of dry-storage items.


  • Overall Building Size, at 12’x12′ is 144 square feet (13.378 square meters)
  • See the plan for the interior space.
  • A ramp leads to an 8′ wide, overhead garage door allows passage in and out of vehicles and equipment.
  • A side “people” door is for quick in-and-out access
  • A pull-down-stair leads to a nice-sized attic.

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Plans for Maker McKee – 12’x12′ Shop/Storage House include :

Floor Plan
Construction Dimensions
Electrical Plan
Opening Annotations
Construction Notes
Exterior Elevations : front, rear, left, right, roof
Foundation Plan for stable bearing soil.
Wall Framing Details

Maker McKee – 12’x12′ Shop/Storage House may be purchased as a package of 8 prints on paper for $144.00.

(plus any changes you might request).

Call 334-834-1714 to arrange payment and delivery.