Small Back Porch Grows with the Family to a Gracious Plenty

When Mr. and Mrs. B built their country house, the whole family was just the two of them. The covered porch they built, way back then, seemed like enough to last for a lifetime of twilight suppers and Summer-rain sit-ins. But two blinks of passing time later and “just the two of them” has become many. Now, whenever the whole family gets together, it’s just the eighty of them because of the B’s children and grandchildren, cousins and their children and grandchildren, and a host of an extended family made up of friends, Sunday school fellow-shippers and co-workers, and all the children and grandchildren that tag along.

This project is for the expansion of the outdoor space dedicated to a large family – a big porch added to a little porch. It’s a simple solution, which involves adding a new structure outside of the old. Except for some trimming of the existing roof eave to make the old and new roofs a better fit, visually, there are no changes, cosmetic or structural.

Mrs. B wanted raised, built-in planters surrounding the new space. The problem was that the shifting views marked by the alternating seasons could not be made to fit within the fixed lines of site presented by fixed planters. So, a six foot outward extension of the floor of the new porch made a place for movable planters – gargantuan though they may be, which can be shifted around to best reveal whatever Nature has to show in any given Season.

So, how big is a ‘big’ porch. Here, combining the existing space with the new area, yields a spacious 23′ x 33′ covered porch. In the country that’s called a “gracious plenty.”

Below, use the slider to reveal BEFORE and AFTER images of this project.

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