Plan Use License

In by Andy Bozeman

Using Andy Bozeman Plan-Products

House plans are intellectual property. Andy Bozeman is the intellectual property owner of all plan-products in the catalog.

When you purchase a plan-product from Andy Bozeman, you are purchasing a license that grants you the right to use the plans one time to build one structure on one particular site. Andy Bozeman retains all copyrights, title, and ownership to the original design and documents. Anyone building the same plan more than once MUST purchase a Next-Use-License for each structure built, and will receive the “Next-Use” discount, beginning with the second use of the plans. Anyone wishing to modify the same plan-product MUST purchase a Modification-Use-License.


By ordering this plan-product, you agree to abide by the correct Plan-Use-License described below. A certificate for plan use will be provided for each plan-product ordered. There is no extra charge for the Plan-Use-License or the Certificate that accompanies a paid order.

First Use License

The First Use License will grant you the right to build the plan-product once, the first time.

Next Use License

A Next-Use-License will grant you the right to build the plan-product again, the next time.

You must already have a legitimate First-Use-License. Those who purchase a Next-Use-License will receive the “Next-Use” price discount beginning with the second use of the plans.


A “Modification Use License” will grant you the right to redesign an Andy Bozeman plan, such as hiring a local home designer to make changes and re-drafts. Modified versions MUST contain the following acknowledgement :

“This plan is derived from a concept owned by Andy Bozeman,

and is used here by licensed agreement.,”

Copy Restrictions & Copyright Information

By ordering an Andy Bozeman plan-product, you agree to abide by the Copy Restrictions and Copyright Conditions described next :

All Andy Bozeman plan-products are protected under the Copyright Laws of the United States, as well International Copyright Conventions. Plans may not be copied or reproduced by any means, given away, modified, shared, or resold until you have satisfied all three of the following conditions :
1.You must already have a legitimate First Use License and Next Use License.
2.You must already have a legitimate Modified Use License.
3.You must already have a legitimate Copyright Permission Document for this particular plan-product. All individuals and printing companies are prohibited, by Federal Law, from duplicating any copyrighted work without legitimate written permission.

The UGLY Part

Failure to acquire a legitimate, applicable First-Use-License or Next-Use-License or Modification-Use-License WILL result in criminal and civil prosecution. This can be entirely avoided by simply respecting the intellectual property rights of all Andy Bozeman Plan Products.