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Small homes can live big if given half a chance and a magicians touch. 12079 is a good example. At barely more than 1200 square feet, it shouldn’t deliver a Family Room normally found in a home twice the size.

…..The owner laughingly requested, “some sort of modification to make some extra room magically appear,” in her otherwise diminutive home. So, I said “architecturus-abracabrerra!” then pulled a rabbit out of my hat. Then the rabbit reached into his hat and pulled out plan 12079, which is pretty much a standard house, but with one tiny, magical twist. The front door area, which is the least used part of almost any home, shares space with the Dining Room. This double duty of space adds lots of room for the family dining table, while still maintaining a usable front entrance.

  • Living Area : 1239.1
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Baths
  • Great Room combining Kitchen & Family Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Front Covered Porch
  • Back Covered Porch

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Plans for 12079 include :

Floor Plan
Construction Dimensions
Electrical Plan
Opening Annotations
Appliance Locations
Plumbing Fixture Locations
Construction Notes
Exterior Elevations : front, rear, left, right, roof
Foundation Plan for stable bearing soil.
Wall Framing Details
Cabinet Drawings

Plan 12079 may be purchased as a package of 10 full sets on paper for $950.00

(plus any additions you might request).

Call 334-834-1714 to arrange payment and delivery.